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Story for Group's Non-profit Organization Assignment

Story for Group's Non-profit Organization - Assignment Example Jeremy becomes quickly agitated when Sandra raises her voice, as he does not understand what is expected of him. He lacks the language to explain or tell his mother exactly what he wants. Despite the problems in communication, Jeremy loves his mother and wants to be near her constantly. He rarely explores distant toys or activities and he is lacking in self confidence. Sandra does not know how to encourage safe exploration and play. Recently, when Sandra was arrested and taken to jail, Jeremy cried for hours. He stayed with Sandra’s mother Deborah, who eventually was able to calm him. However, she too lacks the skills to deal with Jeremy’s level of activity and with his tantrums or fits of frustration. Deborah is even more distant than Sandra, when it comes to Jeremy. She rarely cuddles or converses with him other than to correct him when he tries to touch or explore something he shouldn’t. Jeremy’s tantrums have increased since his mother’s incarceration and he is trying Deborah’s patience. There is some concern that Deborah may try to hurt Jeremy, though there has never been any evidence of this. Sandra is complacent in jail and seems not to be as concerned about Jeremy as she should be. Sandra spends her days in jail chatting, doing minimal chores and playing cards. The Travis County Sherriff’s department does not offer any educational for parents like Sandra, who often fail to realize the impact their jail time has on their children. There is a missed opportunity to help these parents learn effective coping skills and become better role models for their children. Family Matters, A program by Family Connections, helps children whose parents are in jail, by providing supervised visits and parenting classes. This unique program is designed to serve 500 children of roughly 400 parents who are incarcerated. Skilled and experienced parent educators will be used to help incarcerated parents learn how to

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Population Density reserach paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Population Density reserach - Research Paper Example They choose a leader unanimously and look for guidance towards that group that they have chosen. The limited resources are not even much of a problem, as people will willingly give up a part of their share so as to help their own counterparts. The situation is quite under control in this case. The homogeneity makes it a gelling factor for the whole community to stick together even in adverse circumstances. If the population belongs to the same culture then comparably life becomes easier for people living there. In contrast if the population contains people of different culture there is always a war going on in which each culture is trying to supersede the other. There is constant conflict and each group strives to get power over the other. It has been seen that such groups have continuous struggle to gain the top position. Even there are constant fights and tussle for the resources. People tend to take more than required just so that the other person doesn’t get it. There is a constant war like situation and people try to get the better of each other and dominate the others to gain full authority. If there are many poor in the society then the situation worsens and people start worshipping some false person even to have their own selfish desires filled. This way they become more disoriented and lose the real purpose of their existence. It is really difficult to survive in a society that has a non-homogenous mix of people and majority of the people are poor. People tend to believe that life is a mess and the only way to survive is to fight their way through life. Survival of the fittest is the main concept here. While if there is a homogenous environment and the people are not poor at all, then again there are huge chances that peace will prevail (Baldassare, 1979). Today in AMERICA there are many minorities living. There is so much diversity in the culture that they are losing their own traditions. It has been observed that in areas where two to three di fferent minorities live strife is a norm. Some of the areas have become so dangerous those even policemen are scared to go there. At night the neighborhoods become small war stripes that people fear to tread. Even the areas near the neighborhoods are considered a difficult place to live. It has been seen that people who generally have low incomes live n these areas, but they face many troubles like small thefts, occasional muggings and sometime one or two knife fights. Usually the white kids also mix up with the kids from these areas and end up ruining their own lives (Baldassare, 1979). Sharing a living place with quite a lot many people and having limited resources is a difficult situation, it has happened quite many times with kids who have lost their parents, or ran away from their homes or even ran from their foster homes. There are many hygiene issues that come up with this kind of living and drug problems also arise. When I had to live in a college dorm, there were in total 7 people who were sharing it with me. They all belonged to different cultures so earlier there were quite a lot of hesitation among us, but gradually the barriers broke and we understood each other perfectly fine. We even started to cover for each other. It became a norm among us that once a month each one of us had to give others a treat. There were unspoken rules for never talking about your own roommate to others. Americans usually try to avoid such areas, and they try to move out of such areas as

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Concepts of Leadership

Concepts of Leadership LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS Leadership is universally reviewed and defined by numerous authors and originators. Leaders have the ability to inspire and influence others in a team and encourage them to perform effectively towards organizational goals. Mullins explained, Leadership is the relationship through which one person influences the behavior or action of other people (Mullins 2010:373). Leaders in the modern age conceive an ambiance that motivates the skills and develop receptivity of learning among the team members and initialize steps to participate in human resources and financial performances. Gary yukl believed that Leaders should have a crystal clear vision before motivating the team members towards cultural change in the organization (Gary yukl 2010:308). An inspired vision is cardinal to accumulate hold from the team members and outsiders. Leadership is about generating a specific vision which stands out and in this modern world. ¹ In addition Leadership is not about leaders, it is about the functions of leaders. Leaders could be effective, if the three areas of needs are satisfied within the work ². The achievement of the leader can be extemporizing by fulfilling the following three needs (Mullins 2010:378): Task needs; Team maintenance needs; Individual needs. Source: Adair ,Action centered Leadership. John Adair model of Action-centered leadership induces to understand the relationship between the leader and team. It benefits the organization to complete the tasks before the targeted time and attain companys goals. The traditional role of Action-centered leader is to monitor and control the activities of group and leaders should serve as an advisor and consultant ³. It gives attention not only for the functional aspects but also the behavioral aspects of leadership. CONCLUSION: I personally feel this model to be more effective considered to other types of model. It is because; this model balances both Individual needs and Team satisfaction. This model serves as an example to demonstrate the relationship between the management and Leader. Therefore, Action centered model of leadership is preferred for any kind of organization to produce effective results. Reference: Laurie J.Mullins (2010) Nineth Edition edn. Management Organisational Behavior. Italy: Prentice Hall wikipedia (n. d.) Functional Leadership model [online] available from [20/03/11] Gary Yukl (2010) Seventh edition edn. Leadership in Organisation. New jersey: Prentice Hall Lyman W. porte, Harold l. angle, Robert W.Allen Second editon. Organisational Influence process CURRENT LEADERSHIP RESEARCH: In todays present situation, Power aspect occupies a vital role in the current stage of leadership environment. Traditionally, Leadership is connected with Power aspect and infers to control, co-ordinate and influence them towards succeeding the organization goals or economy. Power is identified as the capacity of one person to inspire another person (YUKL 2010:199). Power is the ability of one, who influences the behavior and attitude of other people ¹. Leadership style varies in relation with each Leader. It is identified as the way Leaders perform and behave in the organization towards subordinates. According to French and Raven, there are five significant types of power (Mullins 2010:397), Reward power is grounded on the approach of his/her employer and capability to abide by the regulations of the organization. It can develop a source of influence towards leader ². This will assist organization in achieving its goals and perspectives. One of the finest instances for this power is GOOGLE, where employers are given freedom of innovative action and praised for innovations. Coercive power is borne with associates who have the power to punish subordinates for not completing the desired role. It is being hinged on subordinates conception that Leader charge, if the directives are not compiled with. This power is related Authoritative style is leadership. For Instance: I have personally faced in my workplace for not attending the group meetings and I was been warned by the high level authorities. Legitimate power defines that he/she in a position to imply authority over the subordinates and make them to follow the directives. This power is usually dealt with the level of position they are placed. Higher the position, Greater the power ³ For Instance: In Indian Police academy, CBI has higher power than any police officer. Expert power is basically identified as the expertise which the leader naturally or practically possesses. This category is radically narrowed and exclusive knowledge will remain continuously within the leader. They dont make inconsistent and restless decisions and they even act confidently (Gary Yukl 2010:209). Referent power is the capacity of an individual to influence admiration and apperceive attractiveness. It is depicted with personal characteristics, charisma and strong loyalty towards them. It is considered among one of the five social powers. For Instance: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the best examples of referent power. They both have the attractiveness to extract peoples attention. They fall under the category of Charismatic Leadership Style. C:UsersMuthuRamanDesktoppowerpoints.png Source: ( References: Laurie J.Mullins (2010) Nineth Edition edn. Management Organisational Behavior. Italy: Prentice Hall Power [online] available from> [20/03/2011] Power and its types [online] available from> [25/03/2011] Gary Yukl (2010) Seventh edition edn. Leadership in Organisation. New jersey: Prentice Hall. LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOR The path goal theory: According to GREAT MAN THEORY Leaders are born and not made. In the changing world, Leaders are rarely born and many leaders are situational type of leaders. Leaders do not have the inherent capabilities to lead a team or society. One has to develop his/her skills to control a group of people. Many leaders are now situational and apply practical concepts to solve problems I prefer this type of behavior since it could be helpful to tackle situations physically and psychologically and even financially. The path goal theory of leadership was discovered to examine the behavior of a leader. Initially Evans (1970) covered only two types of behavior namely supportive and Directive Leadership. (Mullins 2010:388) Later, House and Mitchell (1971) added upon two more behaviors called Participative and Achievement behavior. (Gary Yukl 2010:169). The directive leader behavior exemplify to situations where the leaders monitor followers and allows them to perform their specified tasks and direct them to abide by the rules and regulations. This leadership behavior is similar to Ohio State University Studies. Feedback: I had experienced this type of leadership behavior when I was working in one of the Leather Company in INDIA.I was fresh to the Industry and I had no idea about the process and procedures. The team manager used to discuss the dated targets should be achieved? When should be the purchase made? Etcà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦But there was no opinions directed from the manager like how to achieve it? How to hit the target? There was a lack of communication between the leader and subordinates. The Supportive leader behavior indulges an accessible way and friendly manner and concentrates immense concern for the welfare and necessities of the subordinates. This behavior is helpful in stressful situation and when the tasks are given psychological manner. The Participative Leader behavior means taking into account about the views and opinions of subordinates before the task is performed or completed. Feedback: My colleagues were so supportive when I was preparing for debate on OFFLINE MARKETING. This behavior was very helpful in identifying the lack of communication skill in me and team members were so cooperative and understanding. The Achievement-oriented Leader behavior indulges in implying organizational goals to extract better performances and higher confidence from subordinates. Feedback: When I used to work in HDFC, Team leaders used to throw up various packages; if the particular allotted amounts of products are sold they will be taken a free trip to Maldives. I banged highest amount of commission in the year for successfully completing the 50000+ target worth of Insurance products within targeted dates. All these types of behavior can be felt or experienced in different situations by same person. Leaders use any of the above mentioned behavior to induce followers and to attract them. References: Gary Yukl (2010) Seventh edition edn. Leadership in Organisation. New jersey: Prentice Hall University of Exeter (n. d.) The rewiew of Leadership Theories and framework [online] available from [24/03/2011] Path goal theory of Leadership [online] available from [25/03/2011] The five practices of Exemplary Leadership [online] available from [24/03/2011] What does it mean to lead? [online] available from [24/03/2011] HOW TO OVERCOME KEY TENSION OF A LEADER? Leadership is gaining vital role over management success. As we have critically analyzed the leadership concepts, behaviors and about how leaders fondle powers using different styles, we get into the key tensions of leaders and how the leader can overcome using the prominent five practices of exemplary leadership: Model the way Inspire a shared vision Challenge the process Enable others to act Encourage the heart If the leaders are to be effective the above practices are to be experienced. For Instance, Mahatma Gandhi is one of the prominent and significant leaders in India and is called as Father of Nation. He played a key role in attaining freedom with his clear vision and confidence on the people. The main purpose of the freedom struggle was to gain freedom from British government for Indian people. What made Gandhi to stand out? His approach towards pertaining freedom and his leadership skills made people to follow him. His behavior style towards the people was very supportive and participative. His vision was much focused and he led the people of the country towards Non Violence concept. This makes him transformational leader and charismatic leader. Leader-member exchange theory (LMX) explains leader should have an exchange relationship with followers to establish participation and infer commitment towards freedom.(Gary Yukl 2010) President Barack Obama says Throughout my life, I have always looked to Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration. Exemplary leaders enable all members to act together. Victor Vroom and Lyman porter says The relationship between motivation and performance is moderated by the amount of freedom to act (John Miner 2010:97). Finally, Gandhi overcame all the issues with the help of exemplary leadership practices and expectancy motivational theories.

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Essay --

Furniture design is particularly dependent on trends. During a period of time, the design or general appearances of furniture design changes over the course of history which was influenced by architectural style. Therefore, there are many different types of furniture design available in the market nowadays including wall kitchen cabinets. Most wall cabinets are simply for storage but nowadays, people require durable, sturdy, long lasting yet affordable furniture with improved functionality. At present, in order to have the above mentioned qualities dictated by changing customer demand it is necessary to develop new types of furniture with improved functionality. The desire in furniture style to create new designs or different appearances led to the development of new manufacturing methods and materials used. The design and material of furniture have to meet the customer and manufacturer requirements (Petutschingg & Ebner, 2005). Kitchen cabinet is among the most important items for a home. Cabinets are available in many varieties of styles and design and are mainly used for storage...

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King’s attitude towards slavery Essay

Reconciliation struck King as divinely just, and he recommended the same practice for the United States. He suggested that this was the only moral and practical way to bring the Negro’s stand-ups to a realistic level. Reconciliation in the form of compensation was such a good idea in King’s mind because the practice would support the freedom of the human personality and lead to a just society. He also believed that it would make freedom real and substantial for the black people. He never believed that the mere absence of desegregated public accommodations would fully free the human personality and establish a just society. Although many whites were against him, he began to emphasize his belief that real and substantial freedom as well as the mandates of the just society, require not desegregated public facilities but also the economic goods that would allow blacks to use such facilities. King equated freeing the blacks and leaving them just like that to giving a pair of shoes to a man who has not learned to walk. His point was that freedom from desegregation requires the material goods to enjoy freedom from integration. King’s own response to the Johnson administration was to post for state atonement for the Disadvantaged. In King’s view, just as the state properly compensated World War II veterans for the time they spent away from their home, jobs, so too should it compensate blacks for their years of enslavement. He argued that only a few people considered the fact that in addition to being enslaved for two centuries, the Negro was during all those years, robbed of wages of his toil. He believed that no amount of gold could provide adequate compensation for the psychological turmoil caused by slavery, but that a price could be placed upon unpaid wages. King’s extra marital affairs It is clear that King did a lot of good deeds, most of which were based on pure ethical standards. However, there are some ethical challenges that were hard for him, and the most common is the sexual relationships with many women. Two years after King married his wife Coretta, he began his work in the civil rights movement. He left his young wife and baby to pursue endeavors that would take him far from home, putting aside his wife, and while he was home, he spent a lot of time on the phone. His friends who were worried of what these extramarital affairs would do to his reputation cautioned him about the importance of avoiding the appearance of wrongdoing. They also cautioned him that due to his prominence, he would become the target of those seeking to discredit him. He was also warmed that women could become his downfall if he failed to resist this temptation. King failed to take these warnings. By the time he won the Nobel Peace Price of 1964, his relations with women outside his marriage were far from secret. Wiley Branton, a close associate of King approached him about the subject when he was unable to ignore the rumors. He told king that colleagues had expressed concern over his behavior and were worried that he was going to get hurt, but King was unresponsive. The topic again came up with another friend, and this time King responded that because he was away from home the majority of each month, sex served as a way to reduce his anxiety. King’s attitude towards money While king had a hard time resisting sexual temptation, the temptation to profit from his fame was by no means a temptation for him. He had never bee influenced by the prospect of making money. In fact, while in college he had developed an opposition to his father’s concern with money. His lack of desire for material possessions increased after he visited India. Even his wife sensed a change in him. She said that this growing selflessness had led to his increasingly dismissive attitude toward his clothing and appearance, which up until then he had taken pride in. Since his college years at the Morehouse, King had enjoyed nice clothing. His selflessness also affected the financial status of SCLC. When he won the Nobel Peace Prize, he donated the price money to the group, despite the objection of his wife. She wanted to put some of the money aside for college for their children, but King insisted that the money go in full to the SCLC. Later, when two board members suggested that he accept a salary from the organization, King declined the offer. He explained that his income from Ebenezer Baptist church and the sum that he kept from speaking and writing was enough to support his family. Conclusion Due to King’s legacy as a man of good man, his shadow persisted even after his assassination. The poor people’s campaign initially was identified with the martyred prophet, not with his successor. The goals King established, especially for the campaign of equality among the whites and the blacks were probably unreachable, but King-the-symbol remained untarnished by failure. In addition to the charisma of his leadership, King had clear strategies for achieving goals. He believed that besides the use of legal tactics, the federal government was a necessary ally. King believed that because of man’s sinfulness, a restraining force was needed. According to him, it was the government that could counteract collective evil. His ultimate goal in many of his campaigns was to force the federal government to act. Time after time, his strategy worked. From the term paper, it is clear that his leadership was two fold. He was able to mobilize blacks, while at the same time appealing to the consciousness of the whites. King’s influence was as a result of several factors. To African Americans, his background was rooted in the black community, he was a Baptist preacher, and his academic training combined with religious faith provided the leadership skills he needed. To white Americans, he was an African American with the extraordinary ability to convince them of the evil of segregation. His words carried a powerful punch that, while what he was saying about segregation was not new, he stirred a moral awakening. Cementing his position was his leadership through nonviolent resistance, which appealed to decency and the commonality of humanity that, until then, had been ignored. Reference 1) Long M. G. (2002). Against us, but for us: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the state. California; Mercer University Press

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Hamlet Cause And Effect Essay - 1092 Words

American preacher,editor, and poet Edwin Hubbel Chapin once said that â€Å"every action of your life touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.† The quote explains that an individual s actions can have an effect on this world, another individual or another s life. One’s actions tend to demonstrate the characteristics of which they possess thus, defining them as a person. However, these characteristics and actions not only affect the individual, but others around them as well. This creates a cause and effect system throughout their life, which impacts various relationships for that individual. In William Shakespeare s play Hamlet, Hamlet’s actions have a tremendous effect on both the play and its characters. Hamlet’s hesitation,†¦show more content†¦Therefore, Hamlet suffers the consequences from the king and the family of Polonius. Hamlet’s hesitation leads the readers to the true understanding of his characteristics. However, hi s hesitation leads to the death of characters such as Polonius and even himself towards the end of the play. This all proves the cause and effect that Hamlet’s actions have on both the play and the characters themselves. As the hesitation that Hamlet possesses affect both the plot and its characters, his madness also contributes to the death of many characters within the play, having a cause and effect system on their lives. For example, at the beginning of the play, Hamlet pretends to be insane in order to confuse the rest of the kingdom. In his state of â€Å"insanity†, Hamlet forces himself into Ophelia’s bedroom, behaving like a mad man, both insulting her and announcing that he is no longer in love with her. â€Å"I have heard of your paintings too, well enough. God has given you one face and you make yourselves another. You jig and amble, and you lisp, you nickname God’s creatures and make your wantonness your ignorance. Go to, I’ll no more on ’t. It hath made me mad. I say, we will have no more marriages. Those that are married already, all but one, shall live. The rest shall keep as they are. To a nunnery, go.† ( Act 3, Scene 1, William Shakespeare) By doing this, Hamlet is able to convince many that his madnessShow MoreRelatedHamlet Cause and Effect Essay1716 Words   |  7 PagesCause and Effect Essay – Elizabethan Target Audience â€Å"Always mystify, torture, mislead, and surprise the audience as much as possible (Roff).† Hamlet is a dramatic production written by William Shakespeare. â€Å"The play, set in the Kingdom of Denmark, recounts how Prince Hamlet exacts revenge on his uncle Claudius for murdering the old King Hamlet, Claudiuss own brother and Prince Hamlets father, and then succeeding to the throne and marrying Gertrude, the King Hamlets widow and mother of PrinceRead MoreCause and Effect Hamlet Essay902 Words   |  4 PagesCause and Effect Hamlet Essay William Shakespeare, arguably the greatest language in the English language and England’s national poet, has written numerous histories, tragedies, comedies and poems. Throughout his plays, his use of dramatic irony, immaculate word choice and wording, and his vast imagination has made him a successful playwright even in his time. Shakespeare’s scripts for his theatrical company, needed to pertain to the needs and fascinations of the Elizabethan audience. It is safeRead MoreHamlet Cause and Effect Essay844 Words   |  4 PagesHamlet Cause and effect Essay Adam Laning For any play to be a successful the audience must be able to feel a connection with it, they must feel like they are not just an audience, but perhaps characters in the play itself. One way of making connections between the audience and the play is through speeches that target the audience. In the Play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, there are many examples of this technique of targeting the audience. One example that is very effect in doing this if foundRead MoreThe Life of William Shakespeare669 Words   |  3 Pagesaudience and often creating a debate. The causes and effects are responsible for the different points of view on Hamlet. Shakespeare may display multiple themes throughout each of his plays, which also led to a debate, themes including, love, hatred, power, incest, but above all is revenge. Revenge is a theme that has been unquestionably displayed in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet along with multiple other themes. Claudius had secretly sent orders for the death of Hamlet upon his arrival to England. In Claudius’Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare is one of the most famous English poet and play writers in the world.600 Words   |  3 Pagesan effect on his audience by creating thoughts and discussions about the social, cultural, and economic values and perspectives that were taking place throughout his time. Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet, was a duplication of the events occurring throughout the Elizabethan era. The main focus throughout this essay is a speech spoken by Hamlet himself in Act IV scene IV. This essay focuses on answering the question of the effect Hamlet had on the audience in the Elizabethan era. This essay willRead MoreComparison Of Ophelia And Hamlet By William Shakespeare1382 Words   |  6 Pagesand Hamlet, as they were very consistent throughout the story, and are an interesting but very easy display of societal norms at that time. After the fallout of my previous essay I tried to stay as far away from using resources to avoid anything else from happening. So almost all the ideas in this essay are mine. Articles I ended up using were from spark notes, shmoop, and the open media commons. I think I did a great job of spreading out major points in the play, and feel like this essay deservesRead MoreHamlet and the Impact on the Audience Essay1238 Words   |  5 PagesHamlet Essay Many of the plays written by Shakespeare in his time were performed to influence his audience and provoke thought and debate the social, cultural and economic events that were taking place at that time. Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in particular, was a reflection of the events happening during the Elizabethan era. In this essay, the focus is mainly on Act IV scene IV and the speech of Hamlet and the essay focuses on answering the question of the effect Hamlet had on the audienceRead MoreThe Significance of Death and Sex to William Shakespeare1482 Words   |  6 PagesThe Significance of Death and Sex to William Shakespeare In this essay, I will consider Death and Sin in Shakespearean drama and I would like to look at three of Shakespeares tragic plays: Hamlet, Othello and King Lear. Shakespeare uses many themes in all his play that attract audiences throughout history. The things he wrote about are as relevant now as they were in his time. Death and Sin were issues that are always around. In his plays, Shakespeare could comment on these things andRead More Hamlets Idealism Essay847 Words   |  4 PagesHamlets Idealism      Ã‚  Ã‚   Hamlet is many things: scholar, speaker, actor, and prince. His greatness shows in all of activities, save one: his inability to act. Hamlet is not able to avenge his fathers death without considerable delay. There is a flaw in Hamlets character that causes him to postpone the murder of Claudius - this flaw is Hamlets idealism. While idealism is normally a good trait, in this case, because of the unusual circumstances, Hamlets idealism causes great conflicts within himRead MoreEssay on Shakespeares Soliloquies - Hamlet’s Soliloquy1034 Words   |  5 Pagescharacters who may cause the character to withhold their true opinions. Therefore, Hamlets first soliloquy (act 1, scene 2) is essential to the play as it highlights his inner conflict caused by the events of the play. It reveals his true feelings and as such emphasizes the difference between his public appearance, his attitude towards Claudius in the previous scene is less confrontational than here where he is directly insulted as a satyr, and his feelings within himself. In this essay, I will outline

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Operations Management/Enterprise Project Essays - 2315 Words

Course: Operations management Enterprise Project: Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing Industrial Universal Pallet Manufacturing Organizational Structure Organizational structure plays an important role in the development, and arrangement of tasks. This is because the structure of an organization is used to coordinate department, and tasks such as coordination, allocation, and supervision. These activities are geared towards the achievement of set goals and objectives of respective organizations. When designing the organizational structure, I took into consideration the goals and objectives of the company. I considered both the long term and the short-term goal. This enabled me design the above†¦show more content†¦Moreover, the service manager is responsible for general services offered to customers, retailers and stakeholders. Organizations are guided with the objectives, mission and goals set by management. Mission, objectives and goals of an organization is guideline that is used by management team to compel an organization to success. The following are the goals, mission and objectives of the organization. Mission To provide industries and manufacturing companies cost effective and durable pallets made from recycled scrap tires and Styrofoam. The pallets are strong, durable and reusable. They provide an alternative to wooden pallets and are a significant contribution to our environment by recycling tires and Styrofoam. It provides substantial cost savings for its users associated with replacing, repairing and discarding of wooden pallets due to hard to clean, their short durability and short life cycle. We promote environmentally friendly recycled products that are more durable, indestructible and less costly to buy and maintain. ïÆ'Ëœ To provide quality products in the market ïÆ'Ëœ To assist the industry in applications and innovations of technicalShow MoreRelatedManaging the Software Enterprise1295 Words   |  5 PagesMANAGING THE SOFTWARE ENTERPRISE 2 Managing the Software Enterprise Managing the Software Enterprise Introduction Risk management in any enterprise is a key strategy to reduce any uncertainties that threaten the company. Several strategies could be laid, focusing on the Software enterprises that could help curb the problem of any uncertainties and in turn increase the efficiency of the enterprises. Management play a crucial role in reduction of any uncertainties in the Software industries, withRead MoreInternal And External Threats Of The Computer Security1614 Words   |  7 Pagesshare intra-agency and inter-agency information also presents a degree of risk that it did not before. The Computer Security Act focuses on the program management, implementation, and evaluation of aspects of the security of systems and the information contained within (High, 2014). IT security at IT Solution is performed at all levels (enterprise, business line, and regional) of the agency. IT Solution currently has a security office that initially prepared and is responsible for updating the ITRead MoreBusiness Str ategy Towards Global Education1234 Words   |  5 Pagesthe technology division were technology operations, software engineering, quality engineering, project management and architecture. The background of the leaders was from software engineering, quality, and operations; none of the leaders had deep experience with quality, project management or architecture. The leaders chose to narrow the reorganization efforts to technology operations, software engineering and quality engineering. They left project management and architecture roles outside of theRead MoreEffective Management Of Project Risk Management1435 Words   |  6 PagesGood Risk Management – Good governance This article describes the effective management of project risks in an educational institution. In this article I’ll be talking about the information that are useful to the board members as well as the team with their risk management efforts. â€Å"In the future we will look at risks affecting the whole of an organization and its place in the community. We will address both upside and downside consequences, and our view will be enterprise-wide, integrated and holisticRead MoreAnalysis Of Usaid s Enterprise Transition Plan Essay1144 Words   |  5 Pagesin USAID’s Internet Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020, is an enterprise transition roadmap (ERT) that enhances â€Å"capabilities needed in security, enterprise information management, cloud and infrastructure, application modernization, mobility, and points to the projects necessary for building these capabilities† (p. 20). Additional activities focus on the interdependency of IT systems to enhance human capital and talent management by streamlining workflows to achieve Agency goals. The strategyRead MoreSoftware Development Project Charter1383 Words   |  6 PagesGlobalware Enterprise Management System (GEMS) Warehouse Management Project Project Charter |Filing Reference    |: |ISS/SE18/3S/GEMS/MP/MPP/MPPC | |Document Title |: |Project Charter | |Version |: |1.0 Read MoreRisk Assessment And Action Plan1646 Words   |  7 Pagesrisk management leads to increased revenues, decreased costs and capital, and can propel a business to success. The information outlined will offer a discussion of how to identify and mange areas of risk and additionally, detail a process flow for successful implementation. Identifying Areas of Risk Identifying all of a firms risks is an intricate process. The process involves all stakeholders associated with the company. It is part of the overall workflow associated with a risk management systemRead MoreThe Training Experience Through The Canadian Labor Market Applying The Knowledge Learned During My Internship Subject1293 Words   |  6 Pagescommunication between teams – not only Information technology. Another successful experience, it was to participate in large initiatives for the business and my principal sponsors were Senior Executives which recognize our team effort to accomplish the projects on time and quality. â€Æ' Who is Vision Critical Vision Critical is a company dedicated to provide business intelligence in the cloud, it allows to the customers seeing in real-time with a delightful interface data transformed in information. It permitsRead MoreSap : Sap And Sap1395 Words   |  6 Pagescompany, which was founded in 1972 by five EX-IBM engineers (Arzu Baloglu). The company was headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than 130 countries and SAP SE is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. Another one is the name of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is widespread all over the world. For example, SAP, the ERP system with the largest market share, is used by more than 60 percent of the multinational corporations (DanielRead MoreRiordan Virtual Organization: COSO Integration Plan for Compliance and Legal Liability745 Words   |  3 PagesExecutive Summary For Riordan to adopt COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices in a new initiative, they are more likely to have a successful implementation if they have the full support of the board and chief executives. The ERM plan should not only be compatible with existing organizational goals, it must also be integrated into the culture so that risk management can become salient at all levels of the organization. Even though risk management should be spread throughout the culture, the